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Health2Sync application (App) aims to assist you in tracking and managing blood glucose; it does not provide any diagnosis or treatment recommendations. You must consult your doctor and let him or her decide whether to change your treatment method or medication.

The Health2Sync Mobile App now supports the downloading of the data from a blood glucose meter using a transmission cable. However, you need to have a Health2Sync Smart Cable in order to use this function. Before using the Health2Sync Smart Cable, please carefully read the User Guide included in the smart cable packaging. You are still required to carry out the blood glucose measurement according to the blood glucose meter's user guide.

Before purchasing a Health2Sync Smart Cable, please make sure your blood glucose meter is compatible with the smart cable. You may visit our website ( or e-mail to for confirmation. When measuring blood glucose, do not connect the smart cable to your blood glucose meter (some blood glucose meters are unable to take measurements when connected to a transmission cable).

iOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above.

If you have not downloaded the Health2Sync Mobile App, please search for "Health2Sync" in the App Store or Google Play Store. After successfully downloading the App, launch the App and you'll see the Health2Sync Mobile App interface. Tap "Start" and you can proceed to register and login.

You need to register for an account before you're able to use the App.
If you have a Google account or a Facebook account, you may login with your Google account or register with your Facebook account. If you are registering using your e-mail, you need to enter every field on the "Registration" page in order to complete the registration process.
Note: Your mobile phone needs to be connected to the Internet in order to register or login.

After registration, you can then use your Google or Facebook account or e-mail and password to login to the App. To logout from the App, go to "Settings" > "Logout".

Tap [+] at the bottom to start entering your blood glucose data. You can change the default blood glucose unit to match the unit shown on your meter. Then tap "Next".

Change the recording time if necessary. Next, select the recording period. If you select "Before Meal" or "After Meal", please select which meal.

Next, you can add information related to this blood glucose record, such as the food you ate, medication you took, exercise you did or your mood. You may also take a photo.

One record can store up to 4 photos. You may upload from your album or take a picture and upload it instantly.

If you have eaten before measuring your blood glucose, you can record the types of food you ate. If you are familiar with how to calculate the servings, use [+] to record the type and servings. After recording the servings, Health2Sync will automatically estimate your carbohydrate intake and calories.

You can also customize a list of foods that you normally eat. After you have recorded your food and broken down the servings according to the six food categories, Health2Sync will estimate your calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat intake.

Health2Sync Mobile App also allows you to record your insulin and oral medication. After selecting "Do you take medication or used insulin?", you can add the drug name of your commonly used insulin, incretin or oral medication under "Edit list of commonly used medication".

Next, enter your dosage (example: units of insulin, number of pills of oral medication). The App remembers the last dosage you entered to facilitate subsequent repeat entries.

You can also customize other blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid drugs.

If you have exercised before the blood glucose measurement, you can record the type of exercise and time. If you have recorded your weight at least once, or have entered your weight in your personal information, Health2Sync will help you estimate your calories burnt.

You can also record your current mood. There are 12 types of moods for you to select from.

If you have purchased a Health2Sync Smart Cable, you can choose to download the data from your blood glucose meter using the synchronization method. To use the cable, tap [+] at the bottom and tap "Sync blood glucose meter data". Please select the blood glucose meter you are using if you're using this function for the first time. Follow the steps on the page after you have selected. If there are a lot of data in the blood glucose meter, it may take a few minutes for the first synchronization.

If the synchronization fails, please refer to the table below for answers.

Sync error message Description
Cable is not properly connected You have not connected the cable to the headphone jack or have not connected it properly.
Unable to detect blood glucose meter Your blood glucose meter is not properly connected to the cable; or the blood glucose meter selected in "Settings" differs from the actual blood glucose meter used for synchronizing the data; or your blood glucose meter is not set to the data transmission mode.
Data sync failed Data sync process has been interrupted.

"Dashboard" displays the statistical data and chart related to your blood glucose, blood pressure and weight. You can change the data display period and set the filter criteria. You can also select the data in the chart for more details.

"Diary" allows you to review your blood glucose history. You can choose to present your blood glucose records in a list or table form, and filter your records from different periods. Select a record to edit or view. Please refer to the above "Input Data" section to learn how to edit your records.

The "Partners" function allows you to connect to your family, friends or medical personnel through the App. Once you have authorized a partner to connect with you, your partner will be able to view your "Dashboard" and "Diary", and chat with you, as well as subscribe to notifications related to your blood glucose condition. The App provides 4 methods for you to add a partner:(1) E-mail invitation, (2) Text message invitation, (3) Invitation code, and (4) QR code.

You may select a partner and start chatting with him or her. You can enter text, select stickers, record an audio message or upload photos.

If you wish to care for your partner, select the partner name from the "Partners" page, and then tap the arrow icon on the top-right corner. You'll then see your partner's "Dashboard" or "Diary". Please refer to the above "Dashboard" and "Diary" sections to learn how to operate.

Besides viewing your partner's data, you may also subscribe to notifications related to your partner's change in blood glucose and blood pressure.

Click "More" for other important functions of Health2Sync, and set up App-related settings and personal data.

You may record your glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test dates and make notes to track your HbA1c trend.

Tap "Profile" to update your profile picture and basic information.

If you are using a Health2Sync Smart Cable or measurement plan, remember to set up your daily routine. The App will categorize the data you have uploaded via the transmission cable to the correct period based on your daily routine. Please note that when setting your daily routine, the App will do a basic check. For example, lunchtime cannot be earlier than breakfast, dinnertime cannot be later than bedtime, etc.

You can also adjust the target range of blood glucose, blood pressure and weight. If you do not adjust the target range, the App will set your default values according to the recommended blood glucose established by the American Diabetes Association. We suggest that you discuss with your medical caretaker before changing the target range."Dashboard" and "Diary" will use different colors to display values which are too high, too low or normal compared to the target range you set.

The BG Measurement Plan will help you establish a regular blood glucose habit. Health2Sync Mobile App will remind you to measure your blood glucose based on the plan you have set. You can specify through the day and time period to measure your blood glucose. You can also change the reminder time.

Tap "Meter Sync" to list all brands and models supported by Health2Sync Smart Cable. If you wish to use the cable to sync the data on your blood glucose meter, please select your blood glucose meter first.

The Health2Sync Mobile App can help you compile the data in your App into charts and tables, and send the PDF or Excel file to your designated e-mail.