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Health2Sync is your smart companion for glucose control. The app transforms the data you have recorded into useful information, and helps you in finding the most suitable diabetes management method, as well as taking control of your own health.

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Health2Sync will help you overcome these issues

Detailed Records
You may use Health2Sync to input information such as blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and daily activities (example: food, exercise, medicine, mood ), and also make use of notes and photos to keep a complete record of your vitals. You can also use the Health2Sync smart cable to upload multiple blood glucose records to the App in one go.
Review Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Weight History
"Diary" helps you recall what might have caused the values to trend too low or too high. Diary can also be presented in a table form for you to compare blood glucose values before and after meals.
Trend Tracking
When you launch Health2Sync, you will see the trend of your latest blood glucose, blood pressure and weight. Health2Sync transforms your input data into simple charts and tables, allowing you to easily see whether the values are within your target range. It displays your latest trends, compares your paired blood glucose readings, and tracks blood glucose, blood pressure and weight changes at all times.
Personalized Reminders and Tips
Under the "Partners" function, your Health2Sync partner will give you reminders and tips according to the information you uploaded, allowing you to make timely adjustments.
Partner Care
You can invite your family, friends and care provider to become your glucose control "partners", and have them keep an eye on your blood glucose changes, provide necessary guidance as well as encouragement and care whenever needed.
Send Records
You can compile your records into a complete report in either PDF or Excel format. The PDF report includes your blood glucose, blood pressure and weight distribution chart, trend and detailed historical records. The Excel file contains every record you have entered. You can e-mail the records directly to your doctor, diabetes educator or yourself from the App.