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Steve's diabetes lifestyle with Health2Sync…
Steve has been a type 2 diabetic since the age of 50. He connects the Health2Sync accessory to his smartphone and glucometer everyday to upload new measurements to the Health2sync app.
After data sync is completed, he views the changes in blood glucose levels over the past days, which allows him to understand trends in his blood sugar levels more comprehensively and easily than using traditional paper logbooks.
Lifestyle Diary
The doctor always reminds Steve how lifestyle changes affect his blood glucose values, so he now takes notes of daily activities related to each reading on his Health2Sync app. Sometimes, he makes notes when dining outside or after a 45-minute walk, before he forgets. Those diaries allow Steve to better understand how his blood glucose is influenced by his activities.
Interpretable Graphs/ Report
Steve checks “Graphs” on the Health2Sync app at times to look at his glucose averages. Sometimes he shares the report with his doctor via e-mail before his visit, or shows the graphs in person during the visit. The doctor views the Diary and the trend line of the readings, and discusses whether the medications prescribed helped Steve better control his blood sugar in the previous months.
Partner support
Steve’s daughter Kate does not live with him, but Kate does care about her dad’s condition. Since using Health2Sync, Steve has invited Kate to his “Partners” group.
Kate is now able to access how Dad is managing his condition by viewing Dad’s Diary/Graphs or receiving notifications when some readings are beyond target range while she is busy traveling around the world.