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Health2Sync was established in June 2013 with the goal of building a healthcare platform that incorporates mobile, digital health and cloud service.

Our flagship product is "Health2Sync", a mobile app that simplifies and personalizes diabetes management.

We know that managing diabetes is not easy; we hope to lighten the burden of diabetes through simple tools and services, help diabetics to better self-manage their blood glucose, and allow family and health professionals to provide care where necessary.

We want to alleviate the problem of insufficient medical resources
Nearly 10% of the world's population has diabetes, and more than half are in Asia. However, due to insufficient medical resources, on average, less than 30% of diabetics obtain proper care.
Enable every diabetic to obtain proper care
We know there are various methods of diabetes care, but the key is the patient's self-management.

We hope to provide a diverse blood glucose management solution by allowing diabetics to obtain care when medical resources are scarce or inadequate, and to empower them to take care of their own health through smart tools.

When your family members, care providers, and Health2Sync become your partners, diabetes will no longer be something to be afraid of.

Connecting you with care, so every diabetic is cared for.

Our History

Health2Sync established
First prototype launched in the US-based TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield
Health2Sync App/Smart Cable/Health2Sync Patient Management Platform officially launched
"Partners" function revamped - enabling chat-like instant messaging
Major revision of the App interface
Addition of the weight and blood pressure recording function
Completed round A of financing
Participated in the Smart Integrated Diabetes Shared Care Program organized by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare
Selected as Top 10 Diabetes App globally by Healthline
Launched the premium membership service
Completed round B of financing
Health2Sync app reached 200K registered users